03/07/2019 Today - Play - Act - MotiON - YMCA Thessaloniki

Today - Play - Act - MotiON - YMCA Thessaloniki  


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Youth Leadership Training School It is a three year long program, for young people from 14 to 17 years old and aims to higher their soft skills lever and help them become mature fullfield individuals for both their own well-being and their communities, while at the same time they are trained to run and be responsible volunteers for activities undertaken by the YMCA or any other organization. The course is based on “learning by experience” - Non Formal Education and it is planned and taught exclusively by volunteers aged from 18 to 30 years old. Nearby 600+ teenagers and 80 trainers - volunteers participate annually in this program For the past 11 years, the members of this program, just before the end of their 3-year training, organize and present a series of events called “Play – Act – MotiON”. The event takes place in a central spot of Thessaloniki and lasts 8 hours. The purpose of our action is to raise awareness and inform all the citizens of Thessaloniki about various topics such as the city, the environment, social issues, in order to show the concerns and the ideas of the youth. Our trainees are urged to use all the knowledge and the skills they gained through their participation in the Leadership Training Program, to become leaders and show to the people of Thessaloniki the power, the energy and the passion of the youth.
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